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Indefol Solar (Indefol Solar’s affiliate) and Formosa Taffeta celebrate their grand opening

Updated: Feb 19, 2021


Indefol Solar, Tran family (Indefol Solar’s affiliate) and Formosa Taffeta celebrate their grand opening of Solar Rooftop - Phase 1 on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel Saigon.

Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Company has been staying in Vietnam more than 20 years and it is the first company of woven fabric manufacturers who has shown their interest, motivation and action in Climate Action driving awareness. For sustainability and to reduce the environmental impacts coming from production, Formosa Taffeta Vietnam company focus on how to protect the environment and take necessary actions to reduce the energy, water consumption and carbon reduction in the factories.

To drive commitment, Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Company already has wastewater recycling systems by using UF and UV system to reuse the wastewater of weaving plants and will also recycle the wastewater of whole factories by using UF and RO system in the coming few months. For energy saving and carbon reduction, Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Company has dedicated a strong team to work with Indefol Solar in selecting the world’s class technologies and designing one of the most stringent safety standard ever seen. Project team includes the top experts from Formosa head quarter, Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Company, and Indefol solar’s experts from all over the world including Vietnam, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Germany.

World’s class technology is seen by the use of special structure mounting system (from a leading German manufacturer) with meticulous design on leakage protection, ultimate wind load and fatigue analysis that guarantee 25 years lifetime under extreme storm conditions.

The fire risk is minimized with the use of special grounding technologies that is 20 times surpassing the norm of EVN standard.

The inverter - heart of the system - is provided by a reputable maker from Europe, it featured world’s class harmonic filter that surpasses EVN standard, active power factor control that fully complies with regulations.

The SCADA system is equipped with sensors from Japan, USA, and server is placed in the US with uptime 99.99% accessible to cloud. This ensures the access to real time monitoring of CO2 reduction every time, everywhere on planet, and even outside planet. By this successful phase 1 project, Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Company can reduce approximate 25.000 tons of CO2 and the emission quantity of NOx and SO2 in its 25 years.

With all world’s class technology, project is built by a leading Vietnamese contractor in oil&gas industry, successfully completed after 3 weeks of construction with capital expense close to 1 million USD.

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