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Professional Summary

Mr.Hieu Tran founded and has held leadership roles at Indefol Solar over his 13+ years of experience in renewable energy industry. He graduated with an Master of Mechatronics from Grenoble Institute, France & HCMC UT, Vietnam and a PhD candidate from Fraunhofer Wind Institute, Germany & HCMC UT Vietnam. Under Mr.Hieu's leadership, the company transformed its mission and vision to become the largest solar rooftop developer of Viet Nam, helping more and more factories achieve 100% renewable energy goals by 2050. Indefol's business, for Mr.Hieu, means making renewable energy affordable & easy to access for everybody.



I treasure every minute of life because life is short. The truth is you really don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a ride, nothing is guaranteed.


I believe in risk-reward. The idea of taking something new or risky is terrifying. However, if I take the safe path, I'm probably not going to end up doing something special.


I respect people came back from wars. It is very easy to take peace and freedom for granted since we are not facing wars at the moment. However, we are in another harsh race of making the planet a better place to live. Using renewable sources is a way to make it happen.


I strongly believe in power of a strong-hardworking team rather than an elite individual. Being an entrepreneur is easy, but making people to stand in your team to build a better future is much more harder. Without my team, I could not make all of those projects happen.


The only thing I can control is my effort, therefore I respect people's choice. For me, staying intellectually curious, goal-oriented, and working hard, things can be figured out.


I try double my effort when my partners need help. We never know what people are going through if we don't try to put our feet in their shoes. I truly believe in a win-win partnership. If people choose to stand by Indefol's side, we always try not to let anyone behind.


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