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David Rodriguez

Board Advisor

Professional Summary

David has a Master’s in Civil Engineering focusing on Infrastructure Materials. The basis
of his research emphasized microstructural development and its impact on long-term
performance, rehabilitation, assessment and repair, durability and sustainability of
concrete and construction engineering materials.
David developed plans for dozens of solar farms in Oregon, which included erosion
control, drainage, soil compaction mitigation and weed mitigation. He collaborated with
several counties and environmental agencies to acquire necessary permitting,
inspected solar farms during and after construction and obtained a wide variety of
permits through DEQ to ensure projects meet environmental standards pre- and post-
Throughout his career he has worked on and led projects that entailed detailed site
plans and design layouts for residential and commercial projects which included utilities,
grading, stormwater design, permitting, alignment and roadway profiles, and traffic
control plans.
David has joined Indefol US, Inc. as a Project Manager. He is excited to contribute to
the development and implementation of clean energy, and to use emerging innovative
technology to help provide solutions to the energy crisis impacting the world.

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